Fig Tree International Ltd provides advice, challenge and support to schools both in the UK and internationally. We have significant experience in the field of education. We are professional, reliable and outcome-focused. We are values-driven and values-led.

The Fig Tree Foundation is the online learning centre which is attached to our organisation. We offer personalised and bespoke learning opportunities and courses for leaders, at all stages of their educational journey. We believe in having strong, learning communities within the profession.

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Our Offer

  1.  Excellent Trainers & Facilitators – Support and input from MAT CEOs, Executive Headteachers, experienced advisors and headteachers, OFSTED inspectors, policy experts and CEOs from business and industry. Depending on the course, we also hear from NQTs, middle and senior leaders.
  2. Leadership & Learning – Training which is rooted in dynamic, rigorous research which is informed curriculum for a changing educational landscape.
  3.  Business Experts – High quality input from leading experts aimed at developing advanced leadership skills, including business strategy development, budgeting, advocacy, negotiation skills, fundraising, education technology and community engagement'.
  4. Coaching For Each Professional – coaching to support the development of highly effective leadership behaviours.
  5. Emotional Intelligence and Values Driven Leadership – A highly reflective approach to learning.
  6. Excellent Partnerships and Collaboration - We partner with a range of organisations to offer you a wide range of experiences to support your learning.

Types of Courses

Mini Courses - These are short, online courses that you can work through in about an hour.

Standard Courses - This is more robust than a mini course and can be completed in a few sittings. It provides a more substantial transformation than a mini course. You will learn a new valuable skill which will enhance your practice and save you time.

Flagship Courses - Our flagship courses are set to be life-changing and require a higher level of participation over several months. This could be one-to-one participation, a workshop or masterclass, a certified group or a course offering personalised feedback.

Some of these courses can be broken down into individual modules and will be available to you periodically as mini courses.

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Participant Agreement

This agreement is between Fig Tree International Ltd and the participants enrolled on any of Fig Tree Foundation's courses.

Boundaries for Use:

As you participate in any of these programmes, you will gain access to varying levels of tools and resources, depending on the course you are completing.

All materials are the property of Fig Tree International Ltd. You are agreeing to practice with integrity by using only the material which you have permission based on your course.

In developing your skills and referring to any materials, tools, methodologies, frameworks and concepts, please ensure that the proper attributions are given to Fig Tree International.

This phrase should be used; "Used with the permission of Fig Tree International Ltd."

We encourage you to:

  • Use the content only to share ideas with others
  • Use as examples of key concepts in presentations

You may not:

  • Use this content to share on a commercial basis
  • Market the materials contained within these programmes to others
  • Create and market derivative material based on the programme materials and resources.